Supermoon Herbal Crystal Candle "Black Amber & Lavender" Scent


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These hand-poured small batch soy candles are the perfect addition to your home or as a gift to loved one. Let the scent, Black Amber & Lavender, fill your home and burn for hours on end. Sage & Heatherflower dried herbs have been infused into the soy wax, cleansing your energetic space every time it's lit. Once the candle has burned all the way through, you'll be greeted by beautiful crystals you can add to your collection.


  • 8 oz soy candle
  • Rope Wick
  • Burns roughly 56 - 72 hours
  • Jar is about 3.125" W x 2" H and can easily be reused once the candle is done burning
  • Made in the Boulder, CO


Exotic Egyptian amber and elegant French Lavender create the heart of this rich and comforting fragrance. Hints of tonka bean and myrrh conform to add sophistication, creating the ideal balance of sweet floral and warm earthy notes.


  • Sage: One of the greatest benefits of using sage candles, whether just the scented ones or those made from real sage extracts, is that it can relax and change your negative mood. Burning candles that have either the scent or the extract itself of sage can make a person feel really good. It can ease the worries that one is feeling about him or herself. It also has the great ability to eliminate the negative energy that one is experiencing and change it into a more positive energy. These candles really have the power to remove tension and stress.
  • Heather Flower: Is typically used in natural medicine to help the kidneys, when infused in a candle and lit, the heather flower can be used as a natural calming & sleep aid. A perfect companion during stressful times. 

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Supermoon Herbal Crystal Candle "Black Amber & Lavender" Scent