Polychrome Jasper Leather Mandala Cuff Bracelet


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Leather cuffs are back in style! I absolutely love working with leather and combining this material with crystals and copper, it's like they were all made for each other. This piece features a polychrome Jasper and a free hand drawn mandala that has been burned into the leather and sealed for protection. The best part about leather bracelets to me, is the more you wear it, the more the leather starts to soften and age. Leather gets better through time and this is a piece that will last you years and years to come. 

Bracelet Length Measures: 8 1/2 Inches 
*Sizing Tip: Measure the circumference of your wrist and add 1-2 Inches so the bracelet is not too tight on your wrist*

Healing Properties:

Polychrome Jasper comes in all different colors, including red, brown, green, and yellow. Mentally, it is said to relieve stress, balance energies, aid in concentration, protect from psychic attacks, and prevent procrastination. It may also stimulate creativity and self-discipline while encouraging rational thinking. Physically, this stone is thought to rid the blood of toxins and offer protection from pollution and radiation.

What is Electroforming?

Electroforming is the process which grows a coating of pure copper particles on the desired surface over the course of 20+ hours. 

The result is spectacular as the copper amplifies and works with the energy of the stone it is combined with. Since the copper slowly grows over the desired area, each piece is completely unique in its texture and design. 

I hand polish the copper to a shiny finish and oxidize with natural liver of sulfur to give an antique finish. 


- Boho Gemstone Jewelry
- Polychrome Jasper Leather Mandala Cuff Bracelet
- Electroformed
- 100% Copper Jewelry
- Healing Crystal Jewelry

Polychrome Jasper Leather Mandala Cuff Bracelet