Equinox - Happy Muscles Organic Bath Soak


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Equinox Happy Muscles Organic Bath Soak includes your very own amethyst tea ball infuser. Just a spoon full of my organic herbal bath soak into the tea ball and drop it right into a warm bath. Your muscles will thank you.

  • 4 Oz Bag of Equinox Happy Muscles Organic Bath Soak
  • 1 Amethyst Tea Ball Infuser
  • Good for about 5-8 Baths.

Infusing water with sacred flowers and herbs is a great way to intake the healing benefits. The ritual of bathing in flowers is made simple by placing the herbal bath soak blend into your gemstone tea ball infuser and pop her in the warm bath warm. No mess, just relax and unwind. Relax your mind and your muscles with aromatic Elder Flower, Chamomile, Lavender and Ginko.

Key Ingredients:

Elder Flower -
The flowers work to heal burns and bruises, improve the complexion, even the skin tone, prevent wrinkles, and ease sunburn. They also work to balance excess facial oils, stop breakouts, lift dirt and oils out of the pores, and they also work to reduce any inflammation. 

Chamomile -
is another highly calming herb that is also known for its ability to brighten and improve skin tone. Chamomile is so gentle it is also used in children's and baby’s formulas which makes this a very gentle, and calming skin soother. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!

Lavender -
Highly aromatic flower known for its extremely calming properties. Very soothing for the skin as well as the mind. Great for relieving anxiety, nervous energy or helping you to fall asleep. 

Ginko -
contains powerful antioxidants that can neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals, helps fight inflammation, can help calm anxiety and depression, as well as help, reduce migraines and headaches. 

Epsom Salt -
Epsom salt provides magnesium which is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It promoted sleep and stress reduction, helps with exercise performance and recovery and reduces pain and swelling.